Monday, August 27, 2012

Sierra Foothills/El Dorado County Veraison Report: Baiocchi Wines (Fair Play)

Greg Baiocchi of Baiocchi Wines, Fair Play,  El Dorado County,  writes:   "Vintners have an internal clock that’s starts ticking at fruit set. This typically happens mid May for our vineyard. That tick, tick, tick turns into an alarm bell at véraison, typically August 1st for our vineyard.

The Tempranillo graces us with beautiful color and reminds me, crush is just weeks away. Currently we have been dropping fruit in the vineyard, taking shoulders off the Tempranillo, thinning the almighty Grenache and hedging the vines, preparing them for netting soon to come.

The fruit is incredible this year! Small berries with very regular set, long loose Syrah clusters and smaller than average Grenache clusters. I am very optimistic about the quality for 2012 in our vineyard.

Overall, the growing season this year seems to be very typical for the Sierra Foothills. This recent heat wave of 95+ degree weather for two weeks straight has put some stress on our Syrah vines.
I am most excited about the quality of our Grenache. All in all things look great and I am expecting harvest to begin with Syrah around mid September."

By the way, Greg has informed his fans of progress in the vineyard very well!   Other wineries might want to take a look at his excellent blog:, which is well written and lively!

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