Monday, November 18, 2013

Kickstarter Campaign Rolls out in Nevada for a new Vineyard & Winery

There's some debate about whether the Washoe County/Reno area qualifies as part of the Sierra Nevada, but I've always thought that it does.  And so, I'm proud to be the first participant in the Kickstarter campaign to create a vineyard and winery promoting Nevada Vines & Wines; read about it here..

The intro email: "Here we are, Ryan and Danny sitting in the winery, asking you to take a look at our proposal. CABNR and Nevada Vines &Wines have struck a deal to build a vineyard in Reno. You are invited. If you like our plan, help out with a tax free donation or some supporting comments.

The best way to create excitement about a new project according to Kickstarter is to generate some funding right away. So, if you intend to support Nevada Vines & Wines with a year end tax deductible donation, please do so right away."

Through my Wine Time column in The Tahoe Weekly, I keep an eye on Nevada's developing wine industry. This is a great step in the right direction!