Friday, August 31, 2012

Sierra Foothills/Amador County Veraison-Harvest Reports and Water Notes: Andis Wines (Plymouth)

Mark McKenna, Winemaker & General Manager at Andis Wines, Plymouth, Amador County, writes:

“The vineyards look incredible this year.  Despite the early August heat, the vines are in great health. 

Verasion is moving along at a good pace, most red varietals are 70% - 90% through and whites are beginning to sugar up.  We began taking sugar samples on Sauvignon Blanc 10 days ago and found a couple of blocks over 20 Brix. 

The only real challenge we see at this point is that some fields have a very heavy crop and will require dropping some fruit to get the desired quality.  We are very excited to get going and will most likely start picking this first week of September. 

WATER NOTES:  We have had no issues with water.  If anything, we feel the late Spring rains have served the vines well and carried us through Summer. "


("The photo shows a young Grenache vineyard we will be picking for the first time this year!")

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