Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sierra Foothills/Calaveras County Veraison Report and Water Notes: Ironstone (Murphys)

Joan Kautz, Vice President- International Operations, Kautz Family Vineyards/Ironstone, sends these notes about veraison and harvest expectations from Murphys (Sierra Foothills/Calaveras County):

Cabernet Sauvignon veraison
in Ironstone's Murphy's vineyards
"In regard to the harvest this year, Steve Millier, Ironstone's Director of Winemaking, predicts we will begin harvesting around September 20th with our Verdelho, which will be about the same time as last year.  Last year was a lighter crop and a more difficult year, whereas this year appears to be very good to excellent across the board. The quality of the fruit is fantastic with small berries and very even and uniform clusters throughout all of our varieties.

We have a very adequate supply of water in Murphys (Calaveras County) for our vineyards.  We do irrigate and we started watering in early spring in anticipation of our needs, so there is no water stress on the vines.

Right now, we are very happy with how Mother Nature is treating us and hope that this continues through harvest.

We begin harvesting in some of our Lodi vineyards this Monday, so it is currently the calm before the storm :) "

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