Friday, March 4, 2016

Sierra Foothills Wineries and ZINFEST; Barbera Festival Queues up Next!

Zinfandel was the star at ZAP's Zinfest Grand Tasting in San Francisco on Feb 27, but a clear subtext was the presence of so many Sierra Foothills wineries. Twelve (12) Sierra Foothills wineries constituted 10 percent of the Zin producers... and Cork Dork Radio's host was happy to hear about the burgeoning wine scene in the Sierra Foothills.

Barbara Keck, author, rounded up a group of Sierra Foothills winemakers present there at Zinfest to talk about both Zinfandel and the upcoming Barbera Festival too. 

The Cork Dork Radio show airs on March 9 and you'll see a link to it next week. 

Left to right: Chris Leamy (Terra d'Oro/Montevina), Joe Shebl (Renwood Winery), Barbara Keck ("Wineries of the Sierra Foothills" book), Adam Montiel (Cork Dork Radio co-host), Jana Harvey (Scott Harvey Wines), Jeremy West (Cork Dork Radio co-host) and Kevin Riley of Proulx Wine of Paso Robles.

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