Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GeoTourism - We Should Care About This!

GeoTourism is such an all-encompassing concept, but the good thing is that it encompasses VINEYARDS and WINERIES too.  Hurray for that!

In celebration of the conclusion of the Sierra Nevada portion of this over-arching National Geographic Project, several Sierra Foothills wineries stepped up and celebrated too by pouring their wines at the "New Face of Travel" event held at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.  The event commemorates 3,000 square miles of local culture, iconic  beauty, and  adventure that distinguishes the unique character of the  Sierra Nevada.

One result of this multi-year effort is an interactive Web site,, and also a print map. These maps capture the history, heritage and attractions distinctive to the Sierra Nevada region.  This project was partnership with Sierra Business Council, the National Geographic Society and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

Why does this matter to the wine business in the Sierra Foothills?   Because this Sierra Nevada Geotourism project is aimed at promoting tourism for the 21st century, "tourism that can conserve the region’s historic towns and heritage sites, restore and protect the landscape, and sustain local businesses and communities".

In the maps, attractions, businesses, and events distinctive to the Sierra Nevada are called out, to provide travelers with a richer and more complete experience spread throughout the Sierra Nevada. The goal : to celebrate the Sierra Nevada as a world-class destination, while contributing to the economic health of the region by promoting sustainable tourism

All good stuff.    These wineries contributed their time and wine to celebrate, and deserve recognition.  Click on their names to fine out more about these civic-minded wineries!


  1. And Stringer Orchards and Vineyards (Wild Plum Winery) from Modoc County. - Delicious!

  2. Yes, I understand they did a nice pouring too!