Monday, May 2, 2016

Road Warrior for Lava Cap - Kevin Jones, third generation, wears many hats

I spoke to Kevin when he was pouring at the Lava Cap station during Zinfest.  He's on the road for the winery a fair amount, as Lava Cap does many outside events.  But this is one busy guy, and I thought I'd let him talk for himself:

"Well, my position is mostly here at the winery. I complete a lot of the marketing projects, from day-to-day scheduling of events and wine club events to schlepping tables and chairs for weekend groups.

Really what it comes down to, though, I think for many family farm businesses and wineries is the need to be a swiss army knife. Some days I'm sitting at a computer and another day I may be operating a spray rig in the vineyard. I think interacting with the wine consumers at events such as ZAP, however, is extremely important.

Wine is one of the few products where you drink a story. Everyone has a story, but without experiencing the story from someone writing it, it is just another story, or just another winery in this instance.

We are very proud of our farm and our product, so we are excited to participate in events; generally we do 30-40 outside events a year. We have several employees that have great enthusiasm for our story that help out with these events, but if the cards line up right and the family tries to stay involved in these offsite events as much as possible.

We actually have quite a lot of new exciting things at Lava Cap. Starting August 2013, we hired a new wine maker, Joe Norman whose past experiences include Heitz Cellars. The level of quality and consistency of his wine making should be a stepping stone for a future of amazing wines.

 Lastly, and something I think is very exciting for me, is our bird is coming back to the Lava Cap label and we are introducing that label this summer and fall.  I'm happy to share the story of our new endeavors!"

Lava Cap is located at 2221 Fruitridge Road, Placerville CA 95667
Call them for tasting room hours at 530-621-0175
or visit their website: 

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