Monday, October 5, 2015

Lone Buffalo Winemaker Passes Philosophy to Daughter who is Making Wine in Placer County too

At Lone Buffalo Vineyards in Placer County, Phil Maddux and his wife Jill and daughter Jocelyn are contributing to the vigorous new life for wine in this part of the Sierra Foothills. Their new winery in Auburn is capable of producing 2000 cases a year, and ultimately 65% of the grapes that go into their wines will be estate grown.  Little by little, the Maddux family has increased its winery presence, as the Placer County wine scene has also become more robust.

The newest brand at the winery is the “jbrand”, a series of wines produced by Jocelyn and targeted at a younger audience that is just starting to appreciate wine.  These wines are very fruit-forward and light in body, and they are stampeding out the door.  Jocelyn’s small production wine blends and varietals include Just Grenache, Just Pinot Gris, Just Syrah, Just Cuz, and Not Just Syrah,

Jocelyn Maddux pours jbrand
at the Lone Buffalo Vineyards tasting room

 “I grew up with my Dad’s home winemaking hobby, and watched as it evolved to his own winery.  Wherever we moved during my childhood, it was always to a place where there was enough land for a home vineyard,” Jocelyn said.

In 2001, a parcel of 6 acres in Auburn became the family’s new home.  The house had room for a winery, which Phil and Jill built, and they bonded the winery in 2007.  “Where the Buffalo Roam,” the winery’s landmark wine, a Rhone-style red blend, was born.

Phil and Jill purchased a new bigger property on Wise Road in Auburn in 2012 and, after a lot of work, the winery moved there in 2013.  The caravan of barrels, trucks, friends and wine club members inching their way up the Foothill roads was an example of Lone Buffalo’s practical and friendly approach to their business.  “We made a conscious decision to grown our winery slowlyhased in 2012 and the winery moved there in 2013.  The caravan of barrels, trucks and frie and to cherish our customers.” 

Jocelyn is continuing that orientation of cherishing her customers.  That attitude is paying off, as her wines are selling rapidly.  

Lone Buffalo Vineyards
7505 Wise Road
Auburn, CA  95603
    530 823 1159

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