Sunday, September 20, 2015

Calaveras Winery Survived Butte Fire with a Little Help from its Friends: Story of Bodega del Sur

Evelyn and Victor Reyes-Umana have been worried to the core about their winery in Mountain Ranch, Calaveras County. That area was truly under siege from the fire, and road blocks meant they could not get through. But that Foothills spirit came into play and it looks like they did pull through.

"We have nothing but the utmost gratitude for Calfire and all of the firefighters and law enforcement from around California who are up here pulling crazy long 24 hour shifts to fight the Butte fire. They have seriously done some amazing work over the past week," they said in a Facebook post

(Facebook was one of the most important ways that wineries in the path of the fire communicated the latest news with family, friends, and fans.)

That's not a shadow behind that crispy-looking tree;
that's charred earth.

Hmmm, let's think about this for a minute.
You've picked and crushed your grapes.  They
are in the tanks in the winery.  The electric goes out...
'way out!
One success story is the way CalFire fought the fire at the winery. Victor writes: "I am relieved to see that they managed to save several buildings that were threatened by brush fires just tens of feet away!  There is a lot of damage in the area, but we are very grateful for the amazing work they have done, and for allowing us to still stay in business!"

CalFire saved the winery!

"We also want to thank Nanette Tanner of Tanner vineyards and the Tanner family for letting us use a generator ... We needed electricity so badly at the Bodega del Sur Winery in order to keep our winemaking going."

     "Thanks, from the Reyes-Umana Family"

And now, the good better best news!   Bodega del Sur sends this photo and this note:  “Murphys is back in business. It is a truly beautiful day in the foothills. After surviving the fire scare, people are happy to get back to normality. Please come and see us. And yes, it is totally safe. No smoke in the air.”

Bodega del Sur Tasting Room
457 South Algiers Street
Murphys, CA 
   tel:  209 728 9030

(You can read more about this winery and meet the family at a special meal that photographer Johan Martin photographed for my forthcoming book...sign up to get updates/alert on publication date ...

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