Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Colors Lure Visitors to Sierra Foothill Wineries/NEVADA COUNTY

Thanks to Jacques Mercier of Solune Winery, Grass Valley/Nevada County, we are all reminded that "There's nothing like a vineyard to bring nature's seasonal changes to life."

Solune Winery, Grass Valley
Sierra Foothills

"The vineyard has finished its job for this year, getting its post-harvest irrigation soak and starting to show some Fall colors (red foliage for red grapes and yellow for white grapes), with some Sierra summits peering from a distance and tall pine trees standing guard (not a bad vista to wake up to). Soon it will go dormant and eventually get a pruning "haircut" over the Winter, to wake up ready for action in the Spring and ripen yet another harvest next Summer."

Visitors in the Vineyard,
Pilot Peak Winery, Penn Valley, CA


Smith Vineyard & Winery,
Grass Valley, CA


Penn Valley Vineyards,
Penn Valley, CA

Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery,
Grass Valley, CA

Naggiar Vineyards,
Grass Valley, CA

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