Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sierra Foothills/Nevada County Veraison and Harvest Reports: Solune Winery (Grass Valley)

Harvest is almost here in Nevada County, Sierra Foothills.  Winemaker and owner Jacques Mercier of Solune Winery, Grass Valley, is getting ready.  He writes:

“I was busy dropping fruit and pulling leaves over Labor Day weekend.  You can see some very flavorful Sauvignon Blanc in this picture which could be ready pretty soon (next week ?).

Two weeks ago, most of our varietals started véraison (except Cabernet Franc), with Tempranillo, true to its name (Tempranillo means "a little early" in Spanish), completely turned.  Although that might have seemed early compared to last two (cool) years,  we are actually back on track versus pre-2010 harvests. 

The 100-degree-ish heat wave of mid August slowed down ripening (vines go into survival mode when approaching 100, slowing down, and sometimes stopping, ripening).

 The big challenge for us will be uniformity, with a completely turned cluster often next to yet to turn cluster.  We might need to do multiple picks.

Here’s a August 13 photo of a Tempranillo cluster that Jacque followed since July 31 through its color changing véraison.  “Well, it's all purple now, getting softer & fruitier every day (and gradually erasing any vegetal character of its younger days),”  he wrote on his Facebook page.  Jacques has done a great job on his Facebook page of keeping his fans updated on the progress of veraison.  Have a look:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Solune-Winery/410148490012



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