Thursday, March 1, 2012

Great Headlines: The Subterranean Horror!

I'm a sucker for great headlines.  What writer isn't?  And most readers appreciate them too.  So when I got this email from Mr LoneHat ( John Thomas, from JJ Cedar Company), who could resist opening it?  I'd like to think that John was listening to my brief "how to do better PR" presentation to the El Dorado Wine Grape Growers Association last week, but I think he's just got a natural talent... and I was compelled to read the whole HORROR story!  You can too...and thanks, John.

The Subterranean Horror  Popillia japonica


Adults surfacing in June/July

Adult Popilliajaponica  (Japanese Beetle)

The adult beetles feed on the foliage and fruits of more than 250 kinds of plants, but grape is one of the preferred hosts.  The larvae areC-shaped grubs found in the soil, and are serious pests of grass roots. 

PCO Choice kills Japanese Beetles andits Larvae.   PCO Choice kills the adult insect.  The biosolvent influenced cedar oil will dissolve insect egg and larvae by eroding theexoskeleton and cuticle, promoting rapid dehydration. Egg-layer cycles arefurther interrupted by pheromone interference with the insect’soctopamine neuro receptors, and the next generation of arthropod is therebyeliminated.

Because this pest has one generation each year, it may be possible toeradicate them from your vineyards.  Creating a 15ft boundary around thevineyard can help stop this subterranean destroyer from re-entering yourplanted areas.

     PCO Choice concentrate

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